Ang (ang_grrr) wrote in boo_to_werk,

Please, contain your adoration.

I am now a fully trained DSE workstation assessor. You're awestruck, I can tell. We had 1 1/2 hour training (reduced from 2 due to a lack of numbers) including a real workstation that we could assess. I discovered two things:

a) My finger injury is now included as an example of a workstation related injury in University training courses. The instructor seemed quite embarrassed to have the vitim there.
b) I was the only person to get 20/20 on the post-training questionnaire. As the person who assessed my workstation only got 18 right I think I should demand a recount.

My boss has gone home sick, along with a suprising number of other staff. I may sit and read a book for the rest of the afternoon.
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