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boo_to_werk's Journal

Boo To Werk!
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Bored? Overworked? Frustrated? Patronised? Irritated? Seething? Unmanaged? Unstretched? Annoyed? Apathetic? Underpaid?

So are we.

Boo to werk!
agents, bloody microsoft, boring meetings, clients, coffee breaks, contracts, cow-irkers, days off in lieu, dilbert, even more boring meetings, focused fury, freecell, hating coworkers, holidays, home time, incredibly boring meetings, insincerity, internal post, interweb skiving, itunes, job insecurity, kazaa lite, laughing at management, lunchtime, meetings that never end, mp3s, nigel from accounts, open plan sucks, playing with lj, potatoshop, powerpoint presentations, press_9_for_external_line, pub lunch, ricky gervais, screensavers, shagging in server rooms, smart interns, smashing coffee cups, stationary cupboard antics, tea breaks, union-bashing, wallpaper, water coolers, where's the damn boss, who stole my milk?, who stole my stapler!!